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Given the amount of information we can find online these days, it is very hard to keep up to date without spending most of your day reading or looking at blogs. I am delivering here a list of my favourites, you can then make your choice ;)

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Why targetting a strawberry?

Ok, I must recognise, I have been distracted and not posting or looking at my blog for a while… yes, I know. Today I decided to review it, start writing again and I go a little surprise on every article, where someone (or something) had decided to insert rather silly links to, let’s say “unrelated” content.

Well, we all are at risk of being targetted by hackers, I could not be less important! Lucky enough I was targetted by happy jokers and that only affected my articles, it could have been worst.

Now it is a matter of doing my homework and posting useful links here for all of us in order to prevent and solve these invasions.

Process started…

Deciding to work in IT is not so hard in the beginning, staying in IT after quite some time, is a challenge. As a front end developer coming from a graphic design background, I have had to learn the hard way. Programming is not for eveybody but I enjoyed so much that I was happy to move towards that area, however, I never wanted to give up designing and I am proud to work on both disciplines.

However, web technologies are changing so fast, that trying to cover all aspects of web project completion is imposible. Let’s take jQuery in my case, an amazing Javascript library that is the dream of every front end developer; life is so much simpler with jQuery, native Javascript looks ugly and complicated compared to the easy and readable jQuery commands.

Now, let’s take WordPress, and amazing Open Source PHP based content management system that delights designers, developers and users. Ok, let’s put them together! Let’s integrate jQuery magic into our CMS, let’s create back end WordPress plugings with the beauty jQuery syntax!

This is my task for this week, find the “right way” to blend these two marbles of programming without reconsidering a career move. So far, it seams simple, a couple of fuctions here and there…

I am going through a few blogs here and expect to master it by Sunday, wish me good luck!

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